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Viperidae Lupina
what big teeth you have
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24th-Nov-2005 02:18 pm(no subject)
I suppose it should come as no surprise that the PURE and NOBLE soldiers for LIGHT have finally set aside the pretense and begun to pick the bones of their enemies for personal profit.

The only surprise should be that it took them this long to show themselves as the vultures they are.

How convenient that your war to save the world also makes the grand estates of your enemies affordable to even the lowliest of your lot.

If you dig through the attics, you'll likely find all sorts of fine robes for your ladies to wear. The ladies of the house would have packed them away in favour of black and lavender of mourning. That's all they would have worn those last days in the homes of their ancestors.

My only consolation is that no pureblood left their home unguarded, and no Ministry flunky thinks dirty enough, cruel enough to ensure the estate is clean. It is only a matter of time.

Enjoy your houses.
Pansy: *takes the stage and snaps up the microphone as the intro begins to play**not so much sung as spoken in time to the music*

Karaoke RPCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2005 01:49 pm - Words, Words, Words
Words have power. We all know this. I think there was even a day devoted to it in some class or other.

What some of you seem to have forgotten is that a words power depends on two things: the belief of the speaker, and the belief of the person hearing it. You've also forgotten that almost everything that can be done with an incantation can be done without one. If you think a gagged opponent is harmless, then you've just given him the advantage.

Let's talk about me: these days I call Lord Voldemort "the Dark Lord" out of habit. However, as a child I never said his name and cringed every time someone else said it, because I truly believed that it would draw his attention. Whether it was true or not, the belief gave his name power. And he used that power against us.

I'm sure everyone at Hogwarts has heard the story of the first time Draco called Granger a certain name. Many of you were even there, so correct me if I've got this wrong, but rumour had it that the Weasel lost his temper and tried to hex Draco. Granger, didn't react at all. To the Weasel that word had power and could hurt. To Granger it had none, and did nothing.

You all know how it pains me to praise Granger, but I feel this needs being brought to attention: At twelve, Granger behaved with more grace and intelligence that certain adults we all know have behaved recently.

I was not laughing at your pain. I find it ridiculous, not funny.

I did, however, find it funny when the Scrub and the Little Bouncy Man covered these pages in the sort of language that I am sure most of you assumed you'd never hear from anyone but Draco, Blaise or I.
19th-Sep-2005 03:15 pm(no subject)
Charlie - Please keep that woman away from me. If she does not stop trying to be my nursemaid I am going to rip her throat out. Then we'll have to find a new girl and start all over again.

Seamus Finnigan - The evening of the full moon IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO SEND A HOWLER! I don't care what you think Charlie's done wrong.

Draco & Blaise - Hello, my darlings. Are you well? I do miss you terribly. Perhaps we could meet for spirits and sweets sometime soon?

Davies - You are not a wife. I am a wife, and it is impossible for me to be a part of any group which would accept you as a member.

Loony - That dress is dull, dull, dull suits your bridesmaids admirably.

Terry - Your poems continue to be lovely. If creatively presented.

Little Bouncy Man - What are Nachos?
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